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what a dipshit :/ atleast it’s between us. be my dipshit

omfg what have you done, really? I can’t stop thinking about you. why? fuck. I thought some distractions could get me away, but no, everytime I see a girl, I do think they’re beautiful but I tell myself, hah, but nothing compared to my Quinn. it’s funny right, when you only know one side of the story, and it becomes the whole story for us? perspective? well we have the opposite perspective. I thought we could use a time off, because we keep fighting now, and I don’t wanna do that, I wanna flirt with you again, I wanna talk about stupid stuff again, I want you to want me again. I really hope it’s you. my god I love you, I can’t stop, it gets me every night and day. you broke my expectations but hell, I still fell in love with you. I need my Harley. I’m not gonna fight for you. I’m gonna fight for me. because I can’t force you to have feelings. You are responsible for your feelings. I miss you dammit. why are you such a noob.

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Keerthana’s reactions to John… cutest moment of the movie! <3

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