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here are some photos of me noticing a wasp nest

1st pic : lookin good

2nd pic: being artsy and looking away (looking at wasp nest)

3rd pic: fully understanding that there is indeed a wasp nest

4th pic: me being outtie 

this will ALWAYS be my favourite post on tumblr

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not talking to you kills me dude.

"I won’t miss you.
I’ll miss what we did
and where we went.
I’ll miss the thoughts
and possibilities
of what we could have done
and where we could have gone.
But not you.
You’re a whole different story."


Not You

By thoseconstellations

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"Até hoje eu não consigo entender, o porque as pessoas tem que ir embora."

- Elas chegam, fazem você bem e se vão. (via meulimiteseraoceu)

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"Dormir para evitar pessoas, lembranças, dores."

- Capacitadora (via estagnei)

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"Forever can never be long enough for me
To feel like I’ve had long enough with you :) <3"

- Marry me- Train (via bbluvsu)

"You do good but they want great
No matter what you give they still wanna take
You give your love and they throw it back
You give your heart, they go on attack"

- Matisyahu (via dancingdingledody)


Live Like A Warrior - Matisyahu


If i ever get married. This will be my song.